Natural Threonine from plant origin

THREOMAX is mixture of herbs which has property to replace synthetic threoinine completely in ratio of 1:1. It helps in improving overall health, promote faster growth with higher digestibility of nutrients. It also have properties to control stress & build immunity.


  • Completely replace synthetic threonine.
  • Support faster growth & FCR in Poultry & swine.
  • Promote egg production & overall quality.
  • Develope immunity & remove stress.
  • Good for gut health.


Each 100 gm contains

Ocimum basilicum 30 gm
Andrographis paniculat 25 gm
Withania somnifera 20 gm
Taraxacum officinale 25 gm



1 kg of THREOMAX can replace 1 kg of 100%
L-Threonine with better bioavailability and same performance
or as directed by veterinary consultant


25 Kg Bags