Animal Nutrition and Development Experts

Animal Nutrition and Development Experts

Welcome To AlphaFacts

We are the major Leading House of quality animal care Products producers. “Alpha Facts” is the name that stands for a wide range of premium quality Pharmaceutical products for the poultry and livestock. We develop pharmaceuticals feed supplements, Phytogenic products, nutritional products and productivity promoting photogenic feed additives for poultry, swine, Cattle, Pet & Aqua and pigeons.

We provide a wide range of products – Antibiotic, Antifungal, NSAIDs, Gastrointestinal, Anthelmintic, Cardiovascular, Dermal and several other categories – across the nation.



With experience over 10 years, founders held first meeting to start

Open for Business

AlphaFacts office open doors and orders started

Started Pathogenies

AlphaFacts saw great opportunity in pathogenies and started track of products.

Export reached 20 Countries

AlphaFacts export portfolio reached 20 countries in MENA and SEA regions.

Moving toward 25 Export Countries

AlphaFacts team is targeting to generate exports to 5 new countries within two years.

Mission & Vision


Welfare for every animal on earth


Strive ceaselessly with commitment for:

Customer Satisfaction: At AlphaFacts Health Solutions, we put our customer satisfaction as our top priority and work everyday towards it.

Quality Products and Manpower: Quality team will lead to producing quality products andservices. Therefore, AlphaFacts team is formed from reliable qualified professionals.

Best Management Practices : To make sure business is sustainable and scalable, we rely on international business management standards.

Concern for Safety, Environment, and Health: AlphaFacts facilities are equipped with policies to guarantee highest levels of safety, environment friendly, and healthy work places and products.