Solution to Ovarian Dysfunction

Oviegg is a unique product from Alphafacts Health Solution which has significant effect on improving Ovarian Health, reducing abdominal fat and healthy liver condition in laying birds. The product usage drastically improve egg production, increase yolk weight, increase specific gravity, improve egg shell thickness, decrease mortality and finally improvement in egg mass and Egg weight. As layer birds get older there is increase in FCR but with usage of Oviegg the egg production remains optimum with better FCR even after 78 weeks of laying.


  • Helps to stimulate ovaries & increase egg production.
  • Improves egg uniformity.
  • Reduces stress on birds.
  • Helps peak production to maintain for longer periods.
  • Avoid post peak drop in egg production.
  • Helps for getting high quality egg with well balance albumin & yolk content.
  • Increase fertility, hatchability in breeders.
  • Increase immunity.


Yeast Complex, Zinc fortified with other minerals viz. (Calcium, Phosphorus, Manganese, Cobalt, selenium) Beneficial herbs Capparis spinosa, Terminalia arjuna Cichorium intybus, Solanum nigrum, Tamarix gallica, Achillea millefolium.


Layers : 500gm-1kg per ton of feed
Breeders : 500 gm per ton of feed
or as advised by nutritionist/veterinarian consultant.

Layers : 300-400 ml per 1000 ltr of drinking water
Breeders : 500 ml per 1000 ltr of drinking water
or as advised by nutritionist/Veterinarian consultant.


Liquid: 500 ml, 1 Ltr & 5 Ltr.
Powder: 1 Kg. pack & 25 Kg double liner paper bag