Respiratory Tonic With Base of Eucalyptus Oil

Respiratory Tonic with base of Eucalyptus oil

Mintosan is a unique respiratory tonic made from different essential oils especially eucalyptus oil. With strong composition it works very well in dissolving thick mucus in birds suffering from various respiratory disorders such as mycoplasma infection,viral infection & various bacterial disease. It also contain menthol & various other herbs which has cooling effect helping birds overcome heat stress & various inflammation.


  • One of the best product available for respiratory health. 
  • Having antibacterial, antiviral & antifungal properties.
  • Dilute thick mucus as well prevent further inflammatory reaction.
  • Provide immediate relief from any kind of respiratory distress.
  • Having beneficial effect during heat stress.
  • Recommended to be used after vaccination


Each 100 ml contains

Eucalyptus globulus 10 ml
Thymus vulgaris 03 ml
Mentha piperita 05 ml
Menthol l 0 ml
Cinnamomum camphora 01 ml
Ocimum sanctum 08 ml
Emuisitying Base q.s. to 100 ml



Broilers:3-5 ml per 100 birds for 3-5 days
Layer & Grower: 5 ml/100birds for 5 days
Swine: 5 ml daily for 3-5 days.
INCLUSION:- 250 ml in 1000 Liters of Drinking water


500 ml, 1 ltr & 5 ltr