Advance Dis-infectant & Biocide

MICROSAN PLUS helps to protect water system, potent detoxifier and maintain health, growth and overall performance of growing and adult animals/birds. It supports safe environment for both user and applier and reduces environment pollution.


  • Reduces pathogen load
  • Broad Spectrum antimicrobial
  • Keeps water microbe free
  • Support sanitizing process
  • Maintains quality of farm and environment
  • Ease of storage & handling


Each 1 Ltr contains:

Glutaraldehyde 248 gm
Formaldehyde 184 gm
C12/C16 Alkyl dimethyl ammonium chloride 25 gm
Iodine 15 gm
Aqua q.s.


In presence of birds:
5ml to 10 ml/liter of water per 100 sq. feet area
Surface sanitization in other areas:5ml/ltr of water
Vehicle/ equipment/ Utensils cleaning:2ml/liter of water
or as directed by veterinary consultant

In empty Shed:
5ml/liter of water per 50 sq. feet area
Hand or personnel sanitation :2ml/liter of water
Egg wash/ Cleaning :7ml/10 ltr of water
or as directed by veterinary consultant


500 ml, 1 Ltr and 5 Ltr, 1 kg Powder