METHIOMAX is Natural solution discovered by Alphafacts Health Solutions BVBA which very effectively replace synthetic methionine such as MHA & DL Methionine available globally. With organic farming growing very fast & having no subsitute available for synthetic amino acid, Methiomax is one of the best solution available to replace sythetic methionine completly in diet of poultry as well swine. Methiomax contain bioactive form of methionine i.e. SAM (S-Adenosyl Methionine) which is 100 % availble to the poultry & Swine.


  • 100% Natural Methionine (SAM).
  • Replace 50% of synthetic methionine.
  • Strong liver protecting effect.
  • Helpful is protein synthesis
  • No residual effect.
  • Provide best growth & FCR.
  • Control mortality & remove stress.


Per 100 gm Contains:

Andrographis paniculata 35 gm
Ocimum sanctum 25 gm
Asparagus racemosus 10 gm
Zea Mays 30 gm



For every 1 kg of synthetic methionine add 500 gm of Methiomax & 500 gm of dl methionine for better synergestic results.


1 Kg Pack, 20 Kg Pack and 25 kg Pack