A Topical Herbal Spray & Ointment for Mastitis

MASTISAN herbal Spray and Ointment topically applied on the susceptible or affected part that support and strength to combat and protect animal from the risk of mastitis and other related problems. Added herbs play an efficient role in keeping normal milk pH, strengthen udder muscles, reduce pain and inflammation, prevent microbes to act on the teats and keep immunity safe.


  • Reduces chances of Mastitis
  • Reduces pain and inflammation
  • Reduces stress and anxiety condition
  • Reduces convalescence period
  • Strengthen udder muscles
  • Helpful in milk pH management


Each ml/gm contains:  
Azadirachta indica 2%
Cinnamomum camphora 1%
Curcuma longa 0.5%
Ocimum sanctum 0.5%
Essential oils q.s. upto 100 %



Clean the affected part of udder and apply MASTISAN in sufficient quantity for 2-4 days until complete relief is achieved
or as directed by Veterinary Consultant.


SPRAY - 100 ml & OINTMENT - 50 gm