Natural replacement of l-Lysine upto 50%

LYSIOMAX is Natural form of lysine developed from various herb having property similar to what exhibit by synthetic lysine. It can effectively replace l-lysine from the diet of poultry & swine. Lysiomax is very safe as well cost effective having beneficial effect on overall health. Lysiomax helps controlling parameters related to health of heart, liver as well skeletal part.


  • Replace synthetic lysine
  • Improve body weight, egg production & FCR.
  • Improve immunity & different type of stress.
  • Helpful in liver functioning & improved digestibility.


Each 100 gm contains:

Oryza sativa 30 gm
Andrographis paniculata 25 gm
Azadirachta indica 25 gm
Ocimum sanctum 20 gm



To replace 1 kg of synthetic lysine 1kg of lysiomax can be well used. It is further recommended to aid 500 gm of lysiomax with 500 gm of l-lysine to have synergistic effect.
or as directed by Veterinary consultant.


1 Kg Pack and 25 Kg Pack