Herbal Growth Promoter Aqua Feed

CHOLMAX Herbal powder is a natural replacement to choline chloride with higher bioavailability. It helps to maintain optimum growth, productivity and performance, helps in protecting from toxins, support effective feed assimilation, appetite and provide favourable environment to pond eco - system. This is herbal and safe aqua feed.


  • Natural detoxifier
  • Support optimum growth and performance
  • Keeps free from harmful pathogen load
  • Aid as natural sanitizer
  • Maintains shrimp health
  • Provides healthy environment to aquaculture


Each 100 gm contains:

Ocimum basilicum 20 %
Andrographis paniculata 35%
Silybum marianum 10 %
Glycine 15 %
Azadirachta indica 20 %



1 kg of CHOLMAX per tonne of prepared feed
or as directed by Aquaculture consultant.


1 Kg, 20 Kg & 25 Kg