Helps in Controlling Ammonia Level

ALPHAMMONIA helps in binding and preventing the accumulation of ammonia in water due to excretion process, degradation of living organisms, waste materials and feed and thus helps in providing healthy environment to aquaculture. It helps in deodorizing and binding of ammonia, reducing microbial pathogens, maintains daily feed intake, growth and resistance to


  • Maintains oxygen carrying capacity in aquaculture
  • Helps in reducing ammonia and noxious odors
  • Helps in reducing further production of ammonia
  • Maintains FCR, livability and growth
  • Helps in reducing BOD and COD
  • Maintains healthy environment


Each 100 gm contains:

Yucca schidigera extract 20 gm
Dioscorea bulbifera 20 gm
Aloe vera 20 gm
Tribulusterresteris 20 gm
Azadirachta indica 20 gm



500 gm per hectare once in 15 days or as advised by aquaculture consultant Pond application done by mixing with sand or zeolite for best result.


500 gm & 1 kg