Herbal Liver tonic with essential Vitamins & Amino Acids

ALPHALIV-S naturally helps in motivating the proper functioning of vital organs for acceptable growth and performance. ALPHALIV-S helps in improving liver function, enhances bile secretion thus support metabolic process, supports proper digestion and assimilation of feed, improves appetite, promotes detoxification of toxins, protect from risk of microbial infections, strengthen inflammatory responses and helps in regenerating liver cells and in restoring liver functioning.


  • Impaired liver functioning.
  • Microbial infections.
  • Heat and oxidative stress.
  • Reduced feed intake and FCR.
  • Reduced growth and performance.
  • Wound & Inflammation.


Each 5 ml contain:

Azadirachta indica 200 gm
Andrographis paniculata 200 gm
Silybum marianum 100 gm
Vitamin B12 10 gm
Choline chloride  100 gms
Inositol  50 gms
Biotin 02 mg
Betaine 100 gms 
Amino Acids dl-methionine  100 gms 
l-lysine  100 gms 
Aqueous base q.s.



Liquid (For Each 100 Birds)
Chicks : 10 ml Twice Daily
Growers & Broilers : 15- 20 ml Twice Daily
Layers : 40 ml Twice
Daily Swine : 50 ml Twice Daily
Liquid : 500 ml - 1 Ltr. in 1000 Ltr of drinking water
or as directed by Veterinary Consultant.


1 ltr Bottle and 5 ltr Jar