Maintains Appetite, Fcr, Digestion & Metabolism Process

ALPHALIV Aqua feed liver tonic helps in stimulating liver cells, maintains bile acid secretion, supports proper absorption, assimilation, digestion and utilization of feed and nutrient, and maintains appetite and proper growth. It aid as natural energi zer, hepatoprotec ti ve and hepatostimulant.


  • Supports digestion and metabolism process
  • Supports feed digestibility
  • Maintains appetite, feed intake and growth
  • Aid as energizer
  • Helps in maintaining reproductive performance


Each 100 gm contains:

Solanum nigrum 3%
Tephrosia purpurea 4%
Cichorium intybus 2.50%
Picrorhizakurroa 0.5%
Eclipta alba 2%
Fumaria officinalis 2%
Andrographis paniculata 3%
Terminalia chebula 2%
Pimpinella anisum 2%
Terminalia arjuna 2%
Emblica officinalis 2%
Swertiachirata 1%
Glycyrrhiza glabra 1%
Ferula asafoetida 2%
Boerhavia diffusa 2%
Aqueous base q.s.



2 -3 gm per kg of feed
Use once in a week or as advised by aquaculture consultant


500 gm, 1 Kg and 20 Kg