Top notch solution to fertility Issues

ALPHAFERTI is one of the most advance product of Alphafacts Health Solution BVBA which proves its effectiveness against any type of fertility related issues in dairy animal. In a Dairy farm the profitability is related with the reproductive health of herd. If there are reproductive issues prevalent in the farm there is no possibility of that farm getting into profitability.
ALPHAFERTI contains various vitamins such as Vitamin E, Vitamin C, Vitamin A & Vitamin B complex which has effect in improving overall reproductive health as well udder development. It also contains essential minerals such as Zinc, Copper, Phosphorous and Calcium which helps in uterus nourishment as well regeneration.


  • Energy to animal after parturition
  • Higher conception rate
  • Separates the Placental membrane.
  • Increases the uterine contractions.
  • One solution to all fertility related issues
  • Promotes timely involution of uterus
  • Replenish udder and promote development 
  • Mark improvement in reproductive health of herd
  • Help in getting one calf in a year


Each Kg contains

Vitamin A 10, 00, 000 I.U.
Vitamin E 2000 mg
Vitamin B1 600 mg
Vitamin B2 2000 mg
Vitamin B3 3600 mg
Vitamin B6 1200 mg
Vitamin B12 40 mg
Copper 1200 mg
Zinc 2000 mg
Calcium 270 gm
Phosphorus 150 gm
Base q.s.



1-2 KG per MT of feed
or as directed by Animal Nutritionist


1 Kg, 5 Kg & 25 Kg