Boost the Rumen

Rumen is most important part of ruminants which regulate almost all the function directly or indirectly for production as well reproduction. There is a quote that if rumen is good animal will denitely be good. The function of rumen in high yielding animal is of very high importance and a slight change in diet can have serious effect on microbial population of Rumen. There are times when animal became off fed for few days and until and unless rumen population is not stabilized it do not start eating. To overcome these challenges as well to further support animal against Tympany, Liver disfunctioning and enhance level of immunity Alphaboost is designed by Alphafacts Helath Solution BVBA.


  • Rumen disfunctioning.
  • Tympany or bloat.
  • Liver function impairment.
  • Any kind of stress.
  • Aflatoxin challenge.
  • Lower Immunity.


no data


1-2 KG per MT of feed
or as directed by Animal Nutritionist


1 Kg, 5 Kg & 25 Kg