Metabolic Yolk Eliminator

Alpha Chick is a metaboliser which modulate the metabolism of chick in such a way that the yolk dissolve very fast. Additional benefits are higher feed intake, higher body weight, lower FCR & very low mortality during 1st week of age.


  • Dissolve yolk very fast.
  • Provide immediate sourch of energy.
  • Remove all kind of stress.
  • Fulfill all essential minerals & vitamins.
  • Prevent bacterial infection.
  • Higher body weight during 1st week.


Each 100 ml contains:

Zingiberis officinalis 20 gm
Cinnamon camphora 8 gm
Base q.s. to 100 ml



10-15 ml per 100 chicks in the drinking water daily for fist five days
or as directed by Veterinary Consultant


500 ml, 1Ltr & 5 Ltr