Natural Vitamin C from Citrus Fruits.

Alpha C is one of the unique product of Alphafacts contain Natural Vitamin C. It is extracted from Citrus fruits through process which help in retaining the activity of Natural Vitamin C. A very cost effective & performance oriented product which is free from problem such as conditioning temprature effect & loses due to long storage period. 


  • Vitamin C from plant source without any side effects.
  • Remove all kind of stress.
  • Can be store for longer period of time.
  • With stand more than 95 of pelleting temperature.


Each 100 gm contains:

Citrus limon 30 gm
Psidium guajava 10 gm
Emblica officinalis 40 gm
Citrus sinensis 20 gm

Each 100 ml contains:

Citrus limon 10 gm
Psidium guajava 10 gm
Emblica officinalis 20 gm
Citrus sinensis 10 gm
Aqua Base q.s. to 100 ml


Poultry (5-15 ml per 100 birds)
Large Animals : 50 ml per day
Small Animals : 30 ml per day
or as directed by the Veterinary Consultant.

Inclusion: 500 ml in 1000 ltrs of drinking water


Liquid:1 Liter Bottle & 5 Liter Jar
Powder: 1 Kg. & 25 Kg. Bag