About us

Alphafacts is a 35 years old research Organization which develops scientifically researched, pharmacologically tested and clinically evaluated various herbal Products based on Plants and Vegetables. Our Products are used as Animal Feed additives, Herbal Vitamin Substitutes as well as these are highly effective in various physiological conditions such as stress, respiratory distress and gut health management.

The traditional Researches are made through Team of Experts, with high Quality control Parameters as per GMP+ and HACCP standards. The company focus on the exclusive molecules extracted from Biological Plants. We supply Quality Herbal ingredients, different types of plant extracts and number of premixes for different species throughout the world

We have strong team of 300 people comprises of veterinarians, experienced Pharmacists, marketing experts and key sales expertise. We have our own production capacity which can support more than 2000 MT of production per month.

We take pride in customer satisfaction for this we have a independent customer support department which take care of all customer related quires, product related complaints and delivery time monitoring.

This is the aspect which enable us to fulfill the rising demand of our customers throughout the world and currently we have hundreds of satisfied customer thorough out the world